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Discover healthy and delicious 100% plant-based food with recipes designed to be simple and fuss-free. Let these recipes inspire you to prioritize your health and well-being, and may they provide you with the energy needed to care for yourself and the ones you love.

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Behind the recipes

Hi, I’m Dawn

Working in the health field, and being a former dancer and trainer, I learned early on the importance of eating healthy to maintain a strong body both physically and mentally. I’ve eaten 100% plant-based for going on 15 years now and, although I don’t believe everyone needs to be vegan in order to be healthy, I do believe we would fare better if our focus is on eating less processed food, more fiber, and lots of healthy whole real food. The kitchen is my favorite room in my home, and I thoroughly enjoy creating delicious plant-based recipes. I love to veganize dishes people say are impossible to make healthy!

Every recipe here is plant-based, so look around, find a recipe to make, and ENJOY.